Kayla Ferris

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Sending Out Bread From Heaven In Today's Busy World

"That Mom"

I have come to the realization, much to my dismay, that at Callie’s school, I am going to be “that mom.” You know the one. - The mom on her cellphone in the pickup line. Clearly against school pickup policy. (Y’all. It is clearly a conundrum when you are on the phone with the headmaster from one school and getting the stink-eye from the headmaster of the other school. How does one handle this? Hypothetically.) - The mom who forgets her preschooler’s bag and folder. On the 5th day of school. It is still September. Moms are still supposed to be on it at this point. - The mom who enters the drop off lane from the wrong direction. People have to eventually feel sorry for you and let yo


I was given the gift of fibromyalgia. That is not typically a word that you put beside “gift”. Fibromyalgia is easily paired with words like “pain”, “ache”, or “fatigue”. But gift? I have always been a high achiever. Even in middle school, I sometimes would get upset at myself for getting a 94 on a test. Unfortunately, I set unrealistically high standards for myself. And it didn’t take long for that to catch up with me. I can remember a moment in high school after one-act play practice my senior year. I was in the running for valedictorian. I was class president. I was yearbook editor, speech team president and lead in the play. At play practice that night, a critic judge was brought in