Kayla Ferris

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Sending Out Bread From Heaven In Today's Busy World

Wasting Away

It is smack dab in the middle of winter. There has been snow and cold and little sunlight. We are inside almost all of the time. And do you know what I do when we are all stuck inside?? - I eat food. And I’m not talking about carrots. - I get distracted on my phone. 280 levels later…Bam. - I watch Netflix. And Amazon Prime. And I DVR stuff. And I channel surf. Y’all. I NEVER channel surf in the summer. Why? Cause ain’t nobody got time for that when the sun is shining! But in winter…. I recently sent Gabe this picture. Because WINTER y’all. I ran out of Munchkin levels and got bored channel surfing and opened some books (which is my better vice). One of them was Outliers, by

What I've Learned Recently, Part 2

- Christmas is super special. I love the lights and sounds and smells. I love being together with my family and hanging out and not having homework or activities or alarm clocks. - Christmas is also….loud. As in, 4 kids running around the house, yelling at each other, loud. Also…exhausting. Because those 4 kids don’t go to bed at normal bedtimes. I mean, its CHRISTMAS BREAK! Let’s stay up LATE!! The only problem is little ones don’t understand sleeping IN come morning. Which makes for tired, emotional people come midafternoon. The kids included. - School is a beautiful thing. Routine is my friend. And after the wonderful, unscheduled time of Christmas break, it is time for precio