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Sending Out Bread From Heaven In Today's Busy World

Risking My Life

Last week, I put my life at risk. Okay, that is dramatic. UNLESS you partake of ANY news media, in which case, you would say that I’m totally rational. Because last week, flu entered our home. You hear that this is the worst flu epidemic since 19--blah blah. Media loves to tell us how many people are dying of the flu. So when your 3rd grader comes home tired, achy, and with fever…you tend to panic. And then you grab the Lysol and tell all other people to STAY BACK!! My poor, sweet girl was down with the flu for sure. High fevers for days. Coughing, sniffling, sneezing, aching…well, you know the drill. And then my husband came down with it. Y’all. 2 down with the flu. 3 healthy kids