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U Can't Go 2 Church

When I was ten years old, a Christian musical group called “A-cappella Vocal Band” came to our church. This was way before Pentatonix made a-cappella music cool, but I was in love.

Little hipster 5th grade me. There was one particular song they sang that I found hilariously witty. It is titled “U Can't Go 2 Church” (Yes. You can’t make this up).

The chorus went like this: “You can't go to church as some people say

The common terminology we use everyday

You can go to a building,

that is something you can do

But you can't go to church 'cause the church is you.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Church lately. What does this look like? How do we define it? Why do we have so many building choices? I haven’t unearthed all the answers, but the asking has rooted me deeper. And there is one truth I keep digging up. We are the church. We. You and me. Church is not the hour and a half I spend on Sunday morning.

Church is the lunch date on a Tuesday with friends. Church is the conversation that makes you think deeper about God. Church is asking your sister-in-law to hold you accountable for your New Year’s resolution to read the bible (I love you, Courtney!) It is open and vulnerable and messy and lovely. It is painful and beautiful, sometimes at the same time.

Dan Hamel, teaching pastor at The Creek church in Indianapolis, once wrote: “The local church is a community of Christ followers who live near each other, gather together regularly, share their lives with one another, encourage one another, carry one anther’s burdens, worship with one another, pray with one another, study with one another, eat with one another, and give themselves to accomplishing God’s work alongside one another.”

All of these things. Together. In community. This is church.

And I have to ask myself, do I have a church? Am I going to church?? I don’t mean a building. Am I doing all of these things in community? Someone said to me recently, “I think standing around visiting after service is just as important a part of church as the singing and sermon.”

We can’t go to church. Because we are the church. And I’m convicted to “do church” a little better. A lot less “me”…a lot more “we”.


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